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Age: 25
Gender: Female
Location: Waldorf, Maryland


Movie(s): I know everyone says it but Nightmare Before Christmas is actually one of my fav movies. Anything by Burton...Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow... Donnie Darko, Trainspotting, 13 Conversations about one thing... I love movies

Bands: AFI, Bad Religion, Black Flag, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Mest, MxPx, My Chemical Romance, New Found Glory, NOFX, Rancid, Sex Pistols, Something With Numbers, The Clash, The Cure, The Living End, The Ramones, The Smiths, The Used...plus SOOOO many more which im to lazy to write.

Genre(s) of music: Punk Rock will always be my true love... Im open to anything though

Musician and why: Robert Smith... The lyrics and vocals that man creates... he is truely a musical genius.
Instrument(s): I play drums and guitar... i used to play sax... whats my favourite instrument? It depends who's playing it.

Helter Skelter, Dracula, Anything by Irvine Welsh and Michael Moore

Interests: I love to travel. I love to read, draw, paint, and watch movies. I love driving. I love my brother and my friends, who are my family. I love Tim Burton, he is nothing short of a genius, I love my dog. I love my Job. I love Johnny Depp, and not just for his melt in your mouth good looks. I love Ben and Jerry. I love Taco Bell, in particular there bean burritos. I love DC. I love the East Coast. I love California. I love Canada. I love Australia. I love the UK and Ireland. I hate New York.

Explain your icon: Well the person is me... its pretty self explainitory really.

Put down some lyrics that mean something to you..explain: "Never caught my breath, every second im without you im a mess..." My boyfriends on the other side of the country, My bestfriends in a different country and my brother is in New York... I dont know i suppose im just feeling a little emo right now

Either Or-

Ketchup or Mustard: Ketchup
Emo or Punk: Punk
Bright Eyes or dcfc: Um.... Im not a huge fan of either...if i had to choose one Bright Eyes
Chucks or Etnies: Chucks
Love or heartbreak : Love... although the most amazing songs always come from heartbreak
Bush or Kerry: Kerry
Jeans or Dickies:
Jeans in Winter, Dickies in Summer

Why do you want to join this community? Well...I ... honestly im bored and have nothing better to do

If you could switch lives with someone who would that be and why? I like being who I am... although i might switch with george bush so i could top myself...

Explain what "emo" is:  You know im to old for this... some kid i was talking to the other day reffered to Goldfinger as emo...wtf... i have no idea... you say emo to me i get a picture of someone with black hair, black clothes and glasses... i dont know i guess im trying to see i have no clue how to answer this question...
Favorite songs: Right now? 'Cut Up Angels' -The Used- 'Wasted' - Goldfinger- 'Mr Brightside' -The Killers- 'Your So Last Summer'  -TBS-  

Favorite cd: 'The Used' - The Used - 'The Art Of Drowning' - AFI - 'Disintergration' -The Cure-

Current music: 'Bohemian Rhapsody' -Queen-

drugs?: I don't do them... Ive seen the fuck up peoples lives... they've affected me through people i love. At the same time Im not going to hold it against someone if they do them.

best/worst show youve went to: I couldn't pick a best show... Worst possibly a Social Distortion show i went to a few years back

opinion on abortion: I couldn't do it, but I'm pro choice.

opinion on gay marriage: If two people love each other no one has the right to stop them being together... my brother is gay so this is something i believe in strongly


E-mail(to notify you if you're accepted or rejected): violet_brennan@yahoo.com

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