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Cold Mountain
Dirty Dancing

My Chemical Romance
Straylight Run
Bright Eyes
Death Cab for Cutie
Funeral for a Friend
Hawthorne Heights

Genre(s) of music:
(a little) Punk

Musician and why:
I love Davy Havok. Yeah, his sound has changed since AFI first came out, and the band isn't as great, but I mean I love the way he writes, everythings so deep, passionate. You can almost feel what he felt when he wrote that song, and that takes so much talent.

Electric Guitar
Snare Drums

Nights in Rodanthe
The Notebook
Sloppy Seconds

Music is my main and most important interest, but others include things like reading, writing lyrics/poetry, singing and most black and white horror movies.

Explain your icon:
Well, I dated this guy for two years, and after awhile I thought I needed to just let him go to see how things would turn out, and now I really don't know.

Put down some lyrics that mean something to you..explain:
Love is so soft and delicate
Like the innocence of youth skating on thin ice
Holding on by a string, falling faster down this huge well
Would you kill for us?
My hearts been dropped so many times I hardly think you'll want it

I can't seem to wake out of this sleeping depression
Deep within my bones, I'm out of place, hurt, bleeding..
Wounds only cut so deep, it's my life that kills me..
I know what I'm doing, I'm taking this knife and I'm never forgetting you
I'm going to draw your name in blood across my face, and when they find me..
They'll know my vow was true.

I love that because I wrote it about a few problems I'm having right now, and it helps me mellow out when I sing it.

Either Or-

Ketchup or Mustard
Emo or Punk
Bright Eyes or dcfc
Bright Eyes
Chucks or Etnies
Although I love chucks, etnies are so much more comfortable.
Love or heartbreak
Bush or Kerry
Jeans or Dickies

Why do you want to join this community?
Because it looks really awesome, and I'd love to have some music discussions with some of you<3.

If you could switch lives with someone who would that be and why?
If I could switch lives with just anyone, I would absolutely love to spend a day in the life of Adam Lazara. Not only are his vocals amazing, but when Adamn co-writes a song, you know it. Lyrics like "When the hours move to minutes and I'm seconds away, just ask the question, come untie the knot" amaze me. I'm sure a few of you would disagree, but in situations I face, I can always turn on a Taking Back Sunday song and just think.

Explain what "emo" is:
Emo is just amazing. The real emo kids are so awesome to be around, the music is so easy to relate to, and writing anything emo is great. It's about getting your feelings out and not worrying about consequences. At least, thats what it is to me. Emo can be varied from anything. It's about how you feel.

Favorite songs:
Existentialism on Prom Night- Straylight Run
A Slow Descent- Straylight Run
Ohio is for Lovers- Hawthorne Heights
It's not a fashion statement, it's a deathwish- My Chemical Romance

Favorite cd:
From the dephs of dreams

Current music:
The boy who blocked his own shot- Brand New

I think weed should be legalized. My mother has a nerve disease and she's jumpy all the time, she's impatient, grouchy.. and it helps her. She doesn't see things or pass out from it, she takes enough at a time just to calm her. But as far as snorting and such goes, bah. If you want to, do it. I'm just not into it.

best/worst show youve went to:
Best- Matchbook/Hidden in Plain View
Wost- This really annoying local band

opinion on abortion:
I would never have an abortion, nor would I judge someone who had one. I mean, if you've been raped or it seriously can damage you or the babies health, please, do what you want. But just because you messed up or something I think is wrong, but I would rather help someone through something like that than lecture them because of what they're doing.

opinion on gay marriage:
If they truly love each other, then go for it. I'm not gay, nor do I know anyone who is, but that's no reason to discriminate. It's not natural, or right in most religions, but sometimes love is just love.


Screen name (opt): prettylikexdrugz
E-mail(to notify you if you're accepted or rejected):
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